Privacy Policy for personal information

By using this site, please read followings;
To protect your personal information properly we manage the information by using appropriate manner with our privacy policy in our site. We inform what information will be collected and how we use them.

1. Collection of the personal information
When you ask something by email or direct contact, the personal information of your name and email address etc. are collected at this site. These information cannot be used other than following purposes.
2. Purposes of use of the personal information
We use your personal information only for the followings, never for other purposes.
* answering to your questions.
* sending reference and/or brochure to your questions.
* improving our web site.
3. Management of the personal information
We observe laws and ordinances regarding the personal information which our site holds. We also pay scrupulous attention to the handling and manage the information by proper manner.
4. Disclosure/submission of the personal information
We do not disclose/submit the information to any third party without prior consent unless demand for disclosure by public institutions such as government offices based on authority bylaws about the personal information which we collected.
5. Improvement about the handling of the personal information
We review each clause mentioned above appropriately and try for continuous improvement.

October 2013
Kozo Maehata